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DPAC Financial year

The financial year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Financial reporting should take place at the CVDPAC May monthly meeting. At the May meeting a CVDPAC Budget is presented by the Treasurer and voted on or amendments recommended.

Valley Charitable Gaming Website

Meetings are the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Office Hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am - 2 pm.

Address: 2384 - Unit E Rosewall Crescent, Courtenay, BC V9N 8R9

The Valley Charitable Gaming Society is a member of the British Columbia Association for Charitable Gaming (BCACG) - A voice for charities and non-profits". This organization actively works with and for the benefit of all affiliated charities in BC. Our Society will continue to work with BCACG and will continue to represent charities and non-profits in our local area on all relevant issues and to provide charities and non-profits with current information with respect to Gaming issues.

Treasurer's Workshop held in May 2012

Thank-You to Ron Amos, Director of Finance for the School District, for the valuable information provided to 23 parent volunteers who attended a workshop in May 2012.

Click Here for the powerpoint notes: NOTES

Kudos to all parents who volunteer as PAC Treasurers !! 

District Support Monies setup for PAC Inservice/Training

SD71 School Board continues to show support to PAC work by committing annual funding to PACs that in a lump sum per school and then a sum per student in the school. This amount is set during SD71 budget planning and may vary from year to year. In past years the amount has been;

$100. per school + 20 cents per student. (* based on budget set for 2009/2010) 

This amount can carry forward for 1 year which means each school PAC will only ever have access to an amount of up to 2 years of this funding. 

General guidelines include PAC costs related to

  • training
  • in-service
  • association fees (ex. BCCPAC annual membership fee)

Memos are sent out annually to school Principals and Administrative Assistants as a reminder to PACs of these support funds. If you have a foreseen cost, each principal can write a cheque to cover the cost from the PRINCIPALS OPERATING ACCOUNTS. The account (formerly 5-83-15-4673-xxx) is now accessible through 1-01-41-4673-XXX.

Only 4 schools accessed these funds in 2008-09 as it not completely understood as to the purpose of the funding and how to properly access the money.

CVDPAC access code is 1-04-40-4936-000 and DPAC has been supported in the amount of $2500. in years past

Gaming Grant Information

Gaming Grant Information Website CLICK HERE for the status of your grant applications

Family Resources in the Community

Mental Health Resouces available to Comox Valley Residents

The F.O.R.C.E. Society for Kids' Mental Health;; Comox Valley rep is Colleen Clark

Christine Middleton, B Ed, BA (CYC) ~ Suicide Prevention Presentation Facilitator; 250-650-1607 (cell)

Helpline for Children: 310-1234 (no area code needed)

Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools: A Guide (BC Ministry of Education, 2008)

Youth Against Violence Toll free line: 1-800-680-4264 This is a safe, confidential way for youth to pass on information to prevent fights, receive assistance with harassment, bullying and sexual assault, and leave information about drug and criminal activity

Vancouver Island Crisis line 1-888-494-3888 - - Helps families sort out where to turn to next. 24/7

Comox Valley Girls Group - is celebrating its 15th year in the Comox Valley. We run 4-6 groups per year (Winter, Spring, Fall) in 2 age groups: 11/12; 13-15. Groups run after school weekly for 8-12 weeks. Most groups operate out of Comox Valley Transition Society, #202-576 England Avenue. Other community locations are utilized at times. Our website is Also on Facebook. The ABCs of Mental Health provides two free, web-based Resources - one for teachers and one for parents – to help answer these questions. The Resources include ideas for promoting the mental health of children and adolescents, information about how children change as they get older, descriptions of behaviours that might indicate a problem, and practical suggestions for steps to take. - a site specifically about how the teenage brain works. Tons of resources, including information about the importance of SLEEP, Dr Suzuki's "Surviving The Teenage Brain" (Nature of Things), anxiety, mental disorders, and much more ! - has information about substance use, moods, stress Comox Valley has a representative serving families and youth; Colleen Clarke provides confidential information and support, and promotes children and youth mental health. BC's mental health resource for children, youth and families.

August 23-24, 2012 Conference: The 3rd annual Summer Institute will bring together teachers, school counsellors, school support staff, school administrators, district staff, parents, students and school community partners to exchange knowledge and ideas about how to build school connectedness and improve student mental health and well-being. - a site that provides an online quiz so that you can help evaluate your own mental health.

Educational Resources for Home Lets talk science is an award-winning, national charitable organization. Established in 1993, by Bonnie Schmidt, PhD. Click on the Families Tab.

Math sites via the Navigate Website:

Khan Academy: Learn almost anything for free!

Online Family Resources - search engine, plan post-secondary pathways. Learners can compare undergraduate and apprenticeship programs offered through BC

Children's Life Online Essential Information for all Parents! Concept, design, structure and content by Avi Luxenburg, one of our own secondary school teachers. A program that is used in SD 71. Helps elementary school children deal with bullying and peer victimization. Aimed at K - Grade 6. Offices are in Victoria. A charity that helps deliver the WITS program to schools in B.C. Focused on conflict resolution and violence prevention. Teachers and parents can look up a movie and see rating for the amount of profanity, nudity, violence, etc. American Website for Media information - so that families can have a choice and a voice about the media they consume.

K - 12 Curriculum in B.C.

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